Fresh 48 Photography | Hospital Newborn Photos | New York City Newborn Photographer

There is nothing quite like the love and joy surrounding new life.  I offer a special 1 hour hospital newborn session for parents who want to document their baby’s life in the first 48 hours.  These photos are all done in the hospital room within 24-48 hours of birth.

These sessions are intimate, emotional, and so special.  The photos are documentary style.  My favorite images are those with the hospital blanket (or one of my plain white swaddles), in the bassinet. It authentically reflects and captures the time we are trying to document in the hospital.  Save the special outfits for going home. I sometimes add a simple bow for the baby girls, or a hat for boys, but that’s about as much of a prop as I use in my hospital photos.  

Typically I do hospital photos the first full day after birth. In the case of a c-section sometimes the second day.

Babies change dramatically in the first few days after birth. So much so that by the time we do the newborn studio session 1-2 weeks later, the baby is sometimes unrecognizable from the hospital photos. 

I have photographed at hospitals throughout the New York City region including Mount Sinai Hospital, Lenox Hospital, Lawrence Hospital, White Plains Hospital, Northern Westchester Hospital, Hudson Valley Hospital, and Greenwich Hospital.