I have a special place in my heart for the twins. With more than 10 years in business, I have photographed many twins. It's important, yes, to love the work of the newborn photographer that you choose, and equally important to choose someone with experience photographing twins.  It is not the same as photographing a single baby.  It takes experience and training to safely and successfully photograph twins. Photographing a single newborn baby is challenging.  Photographing two together is, well, more than double the work.  It's also more than double the joy. 

Photographing newborns requires patience and flexibility. And this is doubly true with twins, because we're dealing with two babies with different personalities, different response to touch, different sleep and feeding schedules.  Twin sessions take lots of extra time for feeding, changing and soothing two babies.  I plan the session when the babies are typically at their most content. This makes it easier to get the more posed photos of the babies together.  One of the most challenging things about photographing twins is to have them look, and be, comfortable when posed together.  I also take individual photos of each baby, closeups of their faces, their little feet, and photos with parents.  

My signature photo of twins is side-by-side, naked, on a solid black background.  It's dramatic and makes for a powerful image, reminiscent of when they were in the womb. It is often THE IMAGE from my twin sessions that parents choose to print large for display in their home.

The ideal time for newborn photos is within the first 14 days.  This has more to do with number of days outside the womb than gestational age or size.  Since babies arrive on their own schedule, I book your due date and then we schedule the exact day for the newborn photos once the babies are born. If the babies arrive early, no worries, I photograph as soon as they are home.  In most cases, once babies have been cleared by their doctor to leave the hospital, it would be ideal to get their photo session scheduled as soon as possible.    

It would be my joy and privilege to photograph your newborn twins in my studio or in the comfort of your home.  Get in Touch

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