My two favorite things... newborns and dogs!  I love dogs and I have been photographing dogs even longer than I have been photographing babies. Dogs are family too and these are cherished memories. 

Having a new baby at home is difficult for the older siblings (human and non-human).  If dogs are involved, baby’s safety and dog's cooperation levels must both be considered, i.e. a perfectly-posed portrait is unlikely.  My philosophy for working with babies and dogs…  Be realistic. Babies and dogs are both unpredictable. I aim to get a few shots, but not tire them out or make them do anything that they are uncomfortable with.  Safety comes first.  I always make sure the dog is happy in the situation and never put either baby or dog in a situation where they could be hurt. They are both family members, not props. 

Have treats on hand for your dog to get their attention and reward them for sitting still.  Enjoy and keep it positive. Newborn/dog sessions take considerable experience, training, time, patience and flexibility.  The more relaxed and flexible everyone is, the more enjoyable it is for everyone. We’re not only taking photos, we’re making memories.

I will happily photograph your dog and baby in the comfort of your home or outdoors.

Contact Me to schedule a newborn photo session including your dog.   

Newborns and Dogs  | New York Newborn Photographer

Brenda Bush is a NAPCP Master Certified Newborn Photographer based in New York City.