When to Schedule Your Newborn Session
If you would like a newborn session, please contact me prior to your baby's birth so I can reserve time for you. I book your due date, not the session date. I can only accept a limited amount of 'due dates' per week to be able to accommodate when babies are born early, or late. It's best to call early in your pregnancy to ensure availability, but I only schedule an exact day and time once your baby has arrived. The only way to reserve time in my calendar around your due date is with a paid deposit. Most of my clients book several months in advance to ensure availability.  It's never too early to book your session.

If you did not book a session during your pregnancy and your baby is already here, do not hesitate to contact me. I photograph babies of all ages.

The Perfect Age for Newborn Photos
The ideal time for newborn photos is within the first 14 days of birth when your baby is still sleeping deeply and naturally curls into those precious newborn poses. After two weeks, babies become much more alert, less flexible and things like colic and acne can develop, making 'newborn' portraits more challenging. I do also photograph older babies (up to one year old) so don't hesitate to contact me if your baby is older.

Maternity Sessions
Pregnancy is such a special and memorable time. A maternity photo session is the perfect way to capture your gorgeous glow and intense emotions in timeless images. Maternity photo sessions generally last about 1.5 hours. There is plenty of time for an outfit change, and some portraits together with daddy-to-be. All portraits are respectfully photographed in good taste, and nudity is always optional and discreet. The best time to schedule a pregnancy session is between 32-36 weeks. The idea is to come when you have a full round belly but are still feeling good and comfortable enough to move around. I photograph maternity sessions in studio and outdoors at any time of year. I love doing maternity sessions in the park at all times of the year. I have a collection of maternity wraps and gowns for my clients to use. It's not necessary for you to purchase anything for this session unless you choose to.  

Older Babies (1-12 months)
I photograph babies of any age up to about one year old. Good times to photograph are when they can hold their head up (around 4 months), when they can sit confidently on their own (around 8 months), and one year.

Special Needs Babies
I have a lot of experience with a variety of special needs and medically fragile babies. Please don't hesitate to contact me to photograph your baby.

How Long Does A Newborn Session Take?
It is typical for a newborn session to last 2-3 hours, allowing plenty of time for feeding, changing, and rocking baby to sleep. I do not rush the session. I make every effort to create a relaxed and peaceful environment. My priority is always the comfort and safety of the new babies. These sessions are calm and peaceful, as I gently and patiently take the time to perfect each pose. My experience and patient approach allows me to capture those precious moments that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Newborns with Siblings
Capturing newborns with their older siblings is a cherished keepsake for parents. This is something I will happily do for you in the comfort of your home or, weather permitting, at the park. I don't have older children in my studio. Newborn babies are fragile and many new parents are already nervous about taking their little ones out so young. It gives me peace of mind, and reassures parents, that I keep my studio as germ free as possible for the newborns.

About My Studio Space
I have a home studio on Central Park with gorgeous natural light. I am primarily a natural light photographer. Newborn photos are taken without the use of flash. For maternity photos, I use both natural and studio lighting. My studio space is designed for newborns, including a white noise machine, space heater, boppy pillow for nursing, and a baby changing station. I have everything to make your experience enjoyable. I take great care to maintain a clean studio setting. Blankets used during newborn sessions are washed after use. Guests are asked to remove their shoes.

It's hot --I keep the studio warm for the comfort of the bare skinned babies so you should expect 80-85 degrees.

In-Home Sessions
I can shoot in the comfort of your home. Remember that in my studio I have access to all of my things. In order for me to capture similar images in your home, I need to pack and bring a lot of 'stuff.' So I do charge extra for this service. In-home is the best option when there are siblings or pets to include. In these home sessions I capture some posed portraits of your new baby as well as some lifestyle photos... images that capture the intense feelings of love and joy that surround the new family member. Memories of this precious time at home often become fuzzy for new parents. Time passes. Memories fade. An image never forgets.

I have spent years training and working with tiny babies. I have handled hundreds of newborns. I have a calm and gentle manner. I understand newborn reflexes and soothing techniques. I have a usual flow of poses that I do in my sessions, but I will never force a baby into a pose that he/she does not want to do. Even at these young ages, all babies have their own little personalities. Also things like reflux, gas, colic and circumcision can change the plans for the session. The comfort and safety of the babies comes first. Period.

The Props
I have a huge, internationally sourced, collection of props and I am always adding to my collection. With rare exception, all of the newborn props (hats, headbands, wraps, blankets, outfits, stuffed animals, bowls, baskets, backdrops, floordrops, etc.) that you see in my images belong to me. Of course parents are always welcome to bring personal items to photograph, but all you need to bring is the baby!

Phone Snapshots During Your Session
I know that you are anxious to show off your precious baby in these most adorable props and poses. It can be hard to resist, but I kindly ask that you not take phone snapshots during the session. Cameras of any kind are not permitted. You will be provided with social sharing files soon after the session to share with friends and family.

Weekend Sessions
Weekend sessions are subject to availability and additional charge.